JRS-Unand Reviewers at Publons

Dear reviewers,

We thank you for your help in reviewing papers in the Civil Engineering Journal (JRS-Unand). We would like to inform you that JRS-Unand is already available on Publons.com (https://publons.com/journal/77386/jurnal-engineering-sipil/ ) and also that the review process can be claimed as your performance in Publons.com ; The profile on Publons.com also displays your publications indexed on the Web of Science (WoS).

Dear reviewers, you can view the papers that have been reviewed at JRS-Unand by logging into the website, selecting review, and looking at the 'archive' section. If the review is complete, the results of the review from the father and mother will be there.

To add a paper that you have reviewed, whether published or not, use an email thank you sent from the JRS-Unand website, usually with the title '[jrs] Article Review Acknowledgment'. If you have not received the email, please contact us.

Process of inputting review data to publons:
1. Create an account at Publons.com (this is also to display your WoS publications)
2. Go to the left menu, in the 'my record' section, select 'peer review'.
3. Click 'add review'.
4. In the 'Journal or Conference' section select Civil Engineering Journal from the list. There is an inscription and logo of Andalas University there. The date of the review can be checked in the information on the website.
5. In the 'Article' section, enter article information. For those that have been published, simply enter the DOI of the article.
6. The 'Review Content' can be left blank.
7. Click 'create review'.
8. Copy the 'review url' in the 'Verify' section.
9. Put the 'review url' at the top of the review acknowledgment email which will be sent to reviews@publons.com
10. Send an email and wait.

See also how through this link:

May be useful. Thank you.